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Leigh Lawrie recruited to new team of specialist experts

Leigh Lawrie has been recruited to a new team of specialist experts created by the UK Government’s Stabilisation Unit.  The team will be deployed to conflict areas to support efforts to prevent and investigate sexual violence in conflict. The team forms one strand of the Foreign Secretary’s wider initiative on preventing sexual violence in conflict announced on 29 May 2012.

According to the SU, "[t]he team will function as a pool of experts and will be drawn upon to deploy as bespoke, multidisciplinary groups in a way which best complements and supports existing international and national efforts. This will include: supporting the UK and other international investigations and missions; providing training and mentoring to national authorities; and working on the front-line with grassroots organisations, local peace builders and human rights activists."

Leigh is a specialist in international criminal law, and is currently instructed as part of the prosecution team in the Charles Taylor trial at the Special Court for Sierra Leone and as part of the defence team for Abdallah Banda and Saleh Jerbo at the International Criminal Court. Leigh also advises on domestic criminal and human rights matters.

For more information on the SU and the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, see